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TopShop being 5 min away will be the death of me my wallet.

London Calling

Greetings internet!

Thought I’d log my adventures here for all those interested in following along. I’ve been in London just over a week and it hasn’t rained once! Way to break down the stereotype, London. I like you.

To quickly recap, I visited Buckingham Palace (completely starstruck), Westminster Abbey, Big Ben, and sat in on a Parliament session yesterday (pretty snooze-worthy, but still cool). Had to get the tourist urges out. The girls and I scoped London’s Fashion Night Out on Thursday down on Oxford Street. Checked out Camden last Sunday, and browsed the markets.

Classes are classes. I’m here for the adventure. For a new city, a new vibe, and a new vision. I’ve been reading in Regent’s Park almost every afternoon, jamming guitars and loud amps in the basement of Tuke Hall, trying new foods (hating all of them), and trying to seize every opportunity that comes my way. Things are pretty good here. I think I’m really gonna like these next three months. You’re pretty neat, London.